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I've decided that although there aren't a lot of 'pins' around photographs, I'd like to add it to my blog.  I love photography.  Capturing a moment, a feeling, a look in my girls' eye where I know exactly what they're thinking is so rewarding.  I am not trained nor have I taken any classes.  These photos will be my summary of the week.  A way for me to express myself in another way other than cooking or crafting.

Note: These photos are the sole property of Making Pinterest My Reality.  Please don't use these photos or copy them in anyway without permission from the owner.  

Week Ending 5/6/12

Week Ending 4/20/12
Sand time
Gardening with Papa
Who doesn't love eggplant?
Sisterly Love 
Week Ending 4/14/12
Bird Watching

A little dirt never hurt anyone
One with nature


  1. So very sweet! I love that you are adding photos to the end of each week on your blog. In the years to come you will look back and be so glad that you did! And thanks for linking them up on Oh Snap!shots of the Week. :)


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