Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Herb Drying Frame

This weekend I finally made something I've had my heart set on for a couple of weeks now.  In our garden we have been growing a lot of herbs.  I usually make fresh pesto with the basil and then freeze it for the winter.  This year we grew other herbs that would be great dry such as Oregano, Cilantro, Rosemary and Dill.  In the past I've let them sit out but I think herbs are way to pretty to just sit out on a pan to dry.  I found a 'pin' that I loved and it looked super easy and cheap.  I'm not sure why I wasn't able to think of this in the past but thank you Pinterst for giving me the spark! I went to a couple of thrift stores and couldn't find an empty frame quite big enough so ended up going to an antique store where there were a ton to choose from.  I've hung the drying rack in my kitchen since it's a pretty dry area and some sun gets in.  I love the look and how interchangeable the rack is.  A perfect 'pin'!

Pinterst Inspiration:

My Results:
A picture frame without the glass or backing
String of your choice (I used a thick hemp)
Nail Gun
Paint (if you want to change the color of the frame)
2 soda tabs
2 screwes
2 tabs

1. Paint the frame a color that will fit your decor.  

2. Once the paint has dried, lay the frame on it's front and measure the distance between side to side adding a bit more length for the knots.  Cut the amount of strings you'd like- I went with 3.

3. Tie a knot at one end of the rope.  I did this to give the nails from the nail gun a place to pierce. I'm sure there are other ways to affix the string to the frame.

4. Nail the string to the backside of the frame.

 5. This is what it looked like with the strings attached.

To hang up the frame I used 2 other 'pins' I found on Pinterest.  

6. The first is to use soda tabs as hangers.  Let me tell's genius and makes it very easy so save those tabs! Measure the distance you'd like each tab to be.  For a larger frame, I used 2.

 7. Screw a screw into the small hole of the tab.

Now for hanging up the frame....

 8. Place a piece of painters tape equal distance between the tabs.

 9. Remove the tape and place it on the wall you will hang the frame and put nails on both ends.

 10. Remove tape and hang frame.

 11. Add clothespins for the herbs by clipping them onto the string.

 12. Cut your herbs (or buy store bought) and hang to dry.

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  1. FABULOUS idea!

    come by and say hello! have a great Wednesday!

    1. Thanks Nicholl. I can't wait to stop by and check out your blog. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I'm so glad you liked my drying rack idea, and yours turned out fabulous! I just love them because they are so pretty and so functional; they're like having art hung on your wall when all you're really doing is drying your herbs!

    1. Thanks for you inspiration Jessi. It was so easy and is so mobile. I've had a lot of great comments when people come over. You're blog's full of great ideas.

  3. Such a great idea!! And love how yours turned out!!

    1. Thanks. I love how custom you can make it. Such a great thing to have in the kitchen.

  4. This is sooo cute .. and I bet it makes the house smell wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo party!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

    1. No problem. Thanks for hosting the blog hop again.

  5. This is really sweet. Love that you have incorporated this into your interior styling scheme.


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