Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easter Countdown

It has been a long tradition in my family to have an advent calendar for Christmas.  I have fond memories waking up in the morning and opening up the cardboard door to have a piece of chocolate.  The thrill of eating chocolate first thing in the morning was engrained in my memory so much that the tradition has been passed onto both of my girls.  I'm not sure if it was the chocolate or the visual countdown to Christmas that really made me the most excited.  When I came across the 'pin' I decided to make, those memories from being a child came back and I couldn't wait to make this for my girls. The concept of an Easter countdown is the same as the 'pin' but the materials I used were different mainly because they were what I had on hand.  Either way you choose to make yours, it will turn out very cute.  Be creative with it- I had a lot of fun and can't wait to start counting down.

Pinterest Inspiration:

My Results:

Canvas (size depends upon how many eggs you want to display)
Large Plastic Eggs preferably where the tops and bottoms stay attached after opening
Treats for inside the eggs (I've listed other ideas below)

1.Paint canvas (I did a little scene but you could also do a solid color)

2. Once paint is done drying, layout the eggs as to how you want them.

3. After you have your layout, put the Velcro onto the canvas and egg.  I used the soft side of the Velcro on the egg so it wouldn't scratch the girls hands.  Also, I put the Velcro right above the seal so the egg could open since the ones I bought had the tops and bottoms attached. Make sure the Velcro is fully stuck onto the canvas.

4. Number your eggs.  I did this with a sharpie but you could also get stickers.

5. Now's the fun part, get creative and fill up the eggs.  Some ideas I had were: candy, stickers, coupons for an extra book at night, a choose your own dinner or a breakfast out with mom or dad.

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