Monday, March 19, 2012

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere!!!

It's midday and I usually don't post two 'pins' in a day.  Not because I don't want to but because I can hardly find the time to post one with two crazy kids running around.  With the weather being so nice we were outside playing again.  After the 100th time of pushing both girls on the swing, I decided we needed something new and fun for outside.  The 'pin I choose is super easy, cheap and fun for the kids.  My 19 month old couldn't make the bubbles but she sure loved playing with them. Also, after 2 days of having these bubble makers our store bought bubbles ran out so I ended up using a dish soap/water mixture which worked a lot better for making the bubble snakes.

Pinterest Inspiration:

My Results:

Empty plastic bottle (the thicker the plastic the sturdier the bubble maker)
A piece of terry cloth fabric (I used an old washcloth) 
Rubber band
Pre-made bubbles or water and dish soap
Shallow dish such as a plastic food storage container

1.  Cut the bottom off your plastic bottle.

2. Cut your fabric to size either into a circle or square (you just don't want a lot of excess fabric).

3.  Put the fabric over the open bottom of your bottle and secure it with 1-2 rubber bands.

4.  Pour pre-made bubbles into a shallow dish or make your own bubbles with 1 part dish soap 3 parts water.  

5. Dip the cloth end into the bubble solution and gently blow into the mouth of your bottle.  WARNING: a large inhalation will get you a mouthful of bubbles. (Pardon the hair- this was an impromptu photo shot).

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