Friday, February 17, 2012

DIY beaded bracelet

When I was a working mother in the corporate world, I loved accessorizing with new necklaces,bracelets and shoes. To me, jewelry and shoes are the cheapest and easiest ways to update an outfit season to season. Once I started staying at home I stopped wearing jewelry and of course fabulous shoes. I got into the mindset that trips to the grocery store or library didn't warrant accessorizing and also had a fear my jewelry would be destroyed by my girls tugging on it. The biggest reason though was how can you really accessorize workout gear! As my youngest is getting older, I decided why not? Now wearing a necklace or bracelet is the easiest way to look like I made an effort to get ready. Besides that, it makes me feel good.

The next 'pin' I found I fell in love with because it fits my casual style and I could make it for really cheap. In fact, I had all the materials at the house so it was free. The 'pin' said to use rope but I had hemp. I love the textured hemp mixed with smooth opaque gray beads. I still want to try making a bracelet with the hex nuts but am really happy how the bracelet turned out.

Pinterest inspiration:,
My results:

1. Take hemp or other type of string and wrap it around your wrist. I'd suggest adding an additional half to this amount.

2. Leave enough extra hemp above the knot. It will eventually be made into a closure.

3. I choose to braid the hemp a couple of times before adding beads. I added a bead every crossover. I think the irregularity of how the beads lay is what makes it so attractive so don't be picky.

4. To finish the bracelet, I braided without beads, made a loop for the other end to secure through and knotted it.

5. For the other end, I made multiple knots until it was large enough to stay secure through the hole.

6. Enjoy!! These will look cute in multiples.

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